Let The Lava Factory create a beautiful website for your online business.

Let us help you obtain more customers through an online store that is working for you constantly. Capturing the imagination of your clients and ultimately leading to more engaged sales.

All within 72 hours. 🙂

The Lava Factory Approach

We have a very simple approach to the design and implementation. It involves listening, then designing and lastly a proper Go Live date. Making sure you are part of the continuous journey for your new web presence.


Yes we listen. You tell us exactly what you need, about your business and what your desired outcomes of the project are. We talk about content, the graphics, the structure and importantly the products you are showcasing. With all this data we can move to the next phase.


Here is where the product gets buried in the inner technical workings of the design team. Paying unique attention to what we heard and making sure you are wow'd with the outcome. We want you to not be just happy, but elated with the results

Go Live

On Go Live day we light up the site, and this presents the site to the world on the internet. From here we continue to manage and provide feedback on updates and necessary maintenance. Overall, we are still here with you for this journey.

Why do you need a quality online store?

Having products to sell is great. Selling them locally or through other mediums like Facebook Marketplace or local classifieds will get you sales. But what about the broader marketplace.

Get customers from anywhere

With an online store that looks good, your customers can view and order your products from their own device, anywhere in the Country or in the World. Expanding your reach exponentially.

Your Professional Site

Your site has to look good though. It can't look like a school kid threw it together as a project. It must be inviting, laid out well but above all it needs to make the purchase super easy for the customer. Sites from The Lava Factory do all this.

What can our packages provide?

We have a number of different options on the creation of your site. All of them include the core functionality of the Online Store. Other items can be added on to further improve the experience and the management of the store.

Smart Email Marketing Process

Automated linking of customers into the CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) system. You can then send HTML styled emails to your customer and contact base with ease.

Lead Capturing

Popups and forms can be included into the site to collect email address and contact information. These can be used for marketing purposes.


Analyze all your web traffic to see where they come from and what times of the day. Also what they are looking at, product wise and how they traverse your site.

Product Management

From easy management of stock on the site, through to different product variations, everything is managed easily. Different pictures for size/color etc. is a good example, but a full backend covering virtual/downloadable/physical products in there so you can sell basically anything.

Order Process

From the second an order comes in you are able to manage the process. Payments are taken automatically and you can process the order, add a shipping track code, email updates, send the PDF invoice. All from a single console. The customer can login to their account and see all that information too.

Higher Sales Targets

Having an online presence of this nature will mean that your sales targets can increase. Basically you want to sell more, so make it easy for your customers to do business with you. That’s it in a nutshell.

“We saw a unique gap in the internet industry for a company that stays with the client long after the Go Live date. Ensuring the journey remains a collaborative effort. Ultimately bringing success to the online business that we are designing for.”

– Mark Rochester

( Co-Founder of The Lava Factory )

US Based Servers

Your site is hosted on servers based in the US, closer to your immediate market. Speed is the benefit here.

GDPR & Cookies

GDPR Compliance and how a site adheres to Global standards of Cookies, letting the customer know what is collected and why. A must for todays sites.

Secure Transactions

The entire site and shopping experience is secured with an SSL certificate unique to your store. Keeps all transactional data hidden from prying eyes. We use the 'Stripe' payment gateway.


Knowing who transacts and how across the sites gives you the ability to make better marketing decisions.

Premium Web Hosting

Premium Web Hosting on US based services is included with all the packages. You need up-time, you need a super fast customer experience and you need it to be taken care of without having to think about it. 

Up and Running in 72 Hours !!

Yes, you can have your site fully functional and transacting with clients within 72 hours. We can make that happen for you at The Lava Factory.

How is this possible?

Our team of web experts get fired into action as soon as we have all the details necessary to create your site. it means that the initial work needs to be done, like providing details around the domain name you want (or already have), the products, the company. Basically everything you already know. From this the site can be put into production quickly because basically these guys and gals know their stuff.

Sites work on all platforms

Sites created by The Lava Factory work on all platforms. It doesn’t matter if your customer base is using their phone, tablet or desktop, the site will perform beautifully. All responsive to the size of screen viewing it without any problems.

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